Our Story

Our Story

As told by our Founder, Mindy Yi.

If I could start our story with one question, it would be:

“What does triumph really mean?”

To answer this question, let’s start from the beginning. Several years ago, the journey of the Octagon Brand and what we stand for as a company, began to form. I was moving from a life that was laser focused at climbing the corporate ladder, the life I was always told to live, and into the unknown. Through a series of life-altering events, all which included various forms of challenge, I lept into a life of entrepreneurship and self-directed business. Once I set out on my new course, life would, of course, bring a whole new set of challenges my way. One step at a time, I would solve, and I would persevere… on to the next day.

Over time, I learned that all challenges are actually forms of grace. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but these experiences all collectively pushed me towards owning my own power. They pushed me to stand up for myself and for others, and to commit to developing my own practice of integrity. Because, especially in the professional world, your inner integrity is your greatest asset. Even when the scales are hugely imbalanced, if your integrity is in tact, you can still come out on top. Yes, even if you are up against an entire company or a person that is in a relative position of power, eventually integrity wins. And this truth has been shown to me, time and time again.

The second greatest practice that you can dedicate yourself to, is to cultivate and honour your own capacities, skills and value. And I strongly believe that it is through participating in productive activity, in being part of creating something that benefits others in some way, that you are able to realize that value. Facilitating that transformation of human capacity into capital is one of my greatest joys. This agency is dedicated to the creative and media potential of the world, and my heart bursts for the people who are truly dedicated to this work. We are here for you.

Lastly, the final piece to our recipe of triumph, is to embrace possibility. This means to keep an open heart and mind. When I began my business, almost everyone had a million reasons why something wouldn’t work. I was constantly told to be smaller, more specialized, more realistic… but the further I progressed, the more expansive my vision got. I’m not saying that everyone has to progress with a vision and sometimes specialization is the right strategy. But, the point is, you don’t have to live by the playbook that the world has already created. You can consider the path that has yet to be taken and you can try to reach just a little bit higher. Believe in yourself.

So there you have it. Now going back to where we started, back to our original question:

“What does triumph really mean?”

Our answer is that triumph is an internal realization. It is not competing outwardly in the world, but the commitment to your own integrity, the ownership of your own value, and the landscape of your own possibility. That is what we stand for, and that is how we cultivate our triumphs in the world.

Will you join us?

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